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10 Ways To Adjust To The New Normal During COVID-19 Time


Temporarily, the new normal is set into realistic motion as United States and the world continue to stem tide again COVID-19 and get back to life. Thanks God for the health scientists, the healthcare professionals, food line, and the proactive governments that support their citizens. While the race for effective vaccine and therapeutics continues, there is no need to continue to live in fear and panic. We just have get back to normal life and adjust safely with guided safety precautions. They call it new normal now!


Exercise safety common sense and caution everywhere anytime.

We cannot live in hiding, fear,  and panic forever. As you get back out there, maintaining safety caution and common sense should be number one new normal priority where you go, where you sit, and what you eat and touch. 


Keep your hands to yourself. Enjoy non-contact greeting gestures for now.

Infectious germs can be easily spread from one person to another through hands. As we maintain frequent hand washing hygiene, non-contact greeting gestures will be among new normal adjustments.


Six feet distance may be here for some times.

Getting back to regular activities requires safety common sense like keeping six feet distance in every public places. While this may not be forever, it may be temporarily necessary till we can manage COVID-19 effectively like previous other diseases.


Use face mask safely and sensibly

General face mask using is a temporary preventive measure against COVID-19 and it is likely to be part of temporary new normal. However it should be used safely and sensibly. While it is a recommended preventive measure in public places, there is no need of face mask inside your car, house, and personal offices. Clean your hands before using it. Wash the self-made ones properly after use.


Explore virtual alternative for some essential activities

While virtual alternative may not be applicable to some activities, works, and people, it is going to be safe adjustment in the new normal during COVID-19 era. Explore remote-based for your works, if applicable. Step up your virtual communication gadgets for communicating with high-risk parents, grandparents, families, friends etc. 


Avoid unnecessary contact. Learn to use social apps and tools safely and sensibly.

Social media communication has been there before COVID-19 emerged and it will be here during this time and after COVID-19 is conquered. Social media apps such as instant messengers, social networks, mobile chat and video communication are one of most obvious communication alternatives in this new normal. Learn and use them sensibly and safely.


Always have carry-on sanitizer and portable disinfectants.

Going outside and public places now requires you have your own carry-on sanitizer and portable disinfecting wipes and sprays in your bags and pockets. You may keep ones in your cars and offices too. Sanitize yours hands frequently and wipe surfaces including mobile devices accordingly.


Step up your home cooking habit.

There will still be strict healthy measures on dinning outside in public restaurants to prevent potential COVID-19 spread among people. While you may still want to dine out safely, individual home cooking will be needed during the new normal as food industry adjusts to avoid crowded dining.


Adjust to well-done meat and other food types.

You may need to adjust to having well-done meat, fish, and other food types during this time. Most germs do not survive high temperature.


Be smart about crowded gatherings and events

Handling crowded events like sport games, parties, and mall shopping will be a big deal during new normal until effective COVID-19 vaccine is found or we finally conquer COVD-19. You need to be smart about going to such events for now during the new new normal adjustment.

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10 Ways To Adjust To The New Normal During COVID-19 Time

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