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Belly Fat? Most Dads That Got It Don’t Like It. These Simple Ways May be Helpful


There are many recommended hardcore exercises of dealing with belly fat for men. Such hardcore exercises may be too much for most dads, especially busy working dads that do not have time like going to gyms all the times. While many of us, busy dads don't really like big belly, we can't help eating what we like, even those that keep adding to our belly fat. However, a few simple commitments below may help; they won't hurt giving them a try ! Please, for serious belly fat reduction, consult your health experts such as physicians, nutritionists, and qualified weight loss experts ! Please,if you have disabilities and health conditions, consult your physicians before you embark on any tough exercise or diets.


Be active ! Regular and typical exercise won't hurt but help

Get back on regular 3 times weekly, 30 minutes exercise. From 10-20 push-ups daily every morning to cycling indoor or outdoor, and a few times of juggling or running indoor or outdoor, be active.


Engage in safe belly crunch exercise or yoga !

Either acrobat style or sitting down, while pulling up toward your belly, or moving around lower and upper waist, engage in healthy yoga exercise to target the belly areas.


Take advantage of game console with self-directed exercise and physical activities

There are some indoor game with exercise games. For example, you can use Wii Plus fitness or xbox exercise game console with nice sport games and exercise such as golf swing, boxing, table tennis, running, push-ups, and some yoga moves. All these can help to work up around belly fat. Some of these can help shed some calories including belly fat !


A simple weight lifting may help, if you can.

Weight lifting is not about getting under heavier pounds of weight and lifting above your chest. You can get simple indoor weight from store like Walmart and target that you can lift. Please do not engage in hardcore and heavy weight lifting without the guidance of trainers.


Cut down on excessive carbs and eat balanced diet foods

While body needs energy from carbs, eating too much increase excess calories for the body and may go toward belly areas. Instead, make your diet balanced with right proportion of carb, protein, and good fats.


Time for soda break or reduction

Regular soda drinking adds more to excessive calories and belly area may share from such excessive calories. Cutting on soda or go for long soda break may help to shed some calories including excessive belly calories. Instead go for water more, which promotes healthy metabolism in the body.


Do not make fast food your regular diet

Eating fast food always is a friendly to big belly. From eating daily heavy quater pound burgers to fried fries and other fast foods, unhealthy diets habit may be promoted and big belly fat may be promoted among some dads.


Take some walking steps regularly

We all drive always or get on bus all the time. Getting on scheduled walking exercise can be difficult and boring sometimes. However walking exercise can help to lose some calorie generally. Take staircase instead of elevator. Park at walking distance in the parking lot at work or stores to have opportunity to get some walking steps.


Stop eating late

Eating so late can be a promoter of adding excessive body calories including belly fats. Start eating healthy balanced diet on time can really help to be on winning side against big belly fat.

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Belly Fat? Most Dads That Got It Don't Like It. These Simple Ways May be Helpful

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