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For The New Year, Get These 10 Things Straight, Dads !



You need God's help !

Don't be deceived,  no good and lasting good things are without God. You need God for every good things in this new year, dads. Simply ask God to help you for any good things you desire as your eyes welcome the morning's dawn daily ! You have got nothing to lose to ask God for help before you face the day! Ignore any human theories that maintain there is no God ! There is Almighty God and He does help his principal creatures - human beings including dads !


You need your personal vision and mission statements for the new year!

You need your personal vision and mission statements to get you focus on what you want out of this new year through guided decisions and plans. You personal vision statement is simply what you potentially live for in the new year - what you want to get out the year specifically - the realistic statement that acts as a drive for your specific and clear pursuit in the new year. While your personal mission statement is simply your strategic statement that describes how you will achieve your specific target in the new year. For example. a personal vision may be to be a dad with financial security and healthy life with your family, while your mission may be changing or improving your financial and health lifestyle and using proactive and realistic strategies to achieve improved financial security and healthy lifestyle. While your mission may have more than one goal/objective, try to limit them to three to five.


You need a simple and effective To-do list and reminder tool.

For improved and organized life in the new year, you need great tools such as simple gadgets or mobile apps for essential to-do lists and reminders. There will always be many responsibilities and multi-tasking for busy and responsible dads every year ! With a reliable mobile to-do list and reminder tool, you can organize and achieve your important to-dos and goals in the new year.


You need better income and/or improved legitimate earnings

Dads with personal needs and wants and families' responsibilities need better income in the new year than previous year, if there are still financial struggle as of the first day of the new year. If you are worth more than what you are getting now based on your experiences, skill sets, and/or education, explore better opportunities with better income, while you are still in the current jobs. Depending on your skill sets and qualities, you may create additional or second income through your hobbies or freelance skills that you can use without stressing yourself and affecting the primary income jobs. For instance, I am a clinical research scientist (MS, MBA, and a doctorate in health sciences) and I can develop websites as a freelance web developer/consultant within three weekends (3-5 hours per week) easily ! Also, I know a real estate professional, who has skill of playing musical instruments like guitar and trumpet. Another example is an administrative professional dad in management field and he enjoys writing and indeed writes brilliantly without stress.


While you need to seize every good opportunities that come unplanned, you may need to create some realistic opportunities !

What we were taught and we believed is that opportunities are chances. Yes, of course, opportunities do come as chances. However, good and legitimate opportunities can be created through diligent use of your talents/gifts/qualities, creating right connections, and doing some good things that are unique. 


Ignore unprofitable friends and crowd and bypass useless distractions !

There are some friends that if great ideas or some potentially profitable things do not come from them, they are not ready to support you or give you a chance. Why can`t you just ignore them and go ahead and break ice for your potentially great ideas, your good dreams, and brilliant goals? Also, there are lot of unfriendly haters, who are distraction to your great pursuit. These may reflect haters' qualities because you don't belong to their race, gender, origin, or caucus. Don't let them get under your skin or stand in your way.  Ignore them equally ! 


Keep improving yourself !

There are some dads that what they need to do to attain their good desire in the new year is better self-improvement in the new year than previous year. The better improvement may be learning new skills, acquiring useful knowledge, going back to school, or simply learning to do things in different ways.


Eat healthy !

In the new year, eating unhealthy foods including unhealthy drinks may increase your risk of some health issues, which in turn, may drive distractions in your pursuits in the new year. Health issues will affect work hours, family times, and enjoyment of good life, even some little good things ! Try to eat balanced diets in the new year !  Daily, get your protein such as meat, fish, and egg, carbohydrates in moderation, vegetables and fruits, and other recommended healthy nutrients !


Be unfriendly with procrastination !

You need to tackle procrastination on your important to-dos, potentially profitable ideas, and family plans. If you have got good ideas and you do have solid plans and guided decisions, break the ice for your ideas ! Don`t procrastinate in the new year ! You want to lose weight, start it right away little by little under your roof. Start from daily 10-20 press-ups to self-directed yoga using some reliable free apps, or using affordable and safe in-house exercise equipment. You have a great business idea? Seek professional advise, legal and other applicable guidance, establish your plans, count the cost, establish your plan, make the business idea legitimate, and break the ice for it !


You need good energy within and around you !

In this new year, to be a better and improved dad, you need positive energy within you and around you ! Be self-motivated ! Stay positive as you keep putting your plans and goals into actions and engaging good energy in your daily life !  Also, you need to avoid negative energy from outside !  

All 10 questions completed!

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For The New Year, Get These 10 Things Straight, Dads !

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