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Good Financial Practice for Dads


These are simple financial commonsense can help every responsible and working dads towards their financial security and independence goals:


Don't go to vacations you cannot afford

Really? Yes, really ! Some dads still go to vacations they cannot afford. Thanks to credit cards and bank loans. If your saving is very very low, you don`t need to make it lower or red for the expensive vacations. Fun is good but you can still have some fun you can afford. To prevent obstacles that can hinder you from attaining  your financial independence goals, you do not need to use debts or to ensure vacations you cannot afford. Go for only vacations you can afford.


Save from every paycheck, however little.

The saying "save for raining days" is a realistic one, not just proverbial statement.  So, form the habit of saving some from your earnings. 


Don`t buy luxury cars you cannot afford and maintain

Luxury cars are enticing but the good ones are expensive. Do you need one now based on your salary and all earnings combined?  I bet you don`t need one, even though, you want one.  Besides the cost of luxury cars, the maintenance cost is high too. 


Don't compete with friends/neighbors for anything materials !

Competition is only good when we use it as inspiration for good things. When competition or envy drives you to be buying things you cannot afford or makes you to be living a lie, that is bad for your wallet ! 


Buy what you need, when you can afford it. Don't buy what you want, if it is not what you need.

Buy what you need, not what you want. What you need are essential things you need.  What you want can become what you need later sometimes . Even, if what you what becomes what you need, go for it, if you can afford it without affecting your financial plans.  However, what we want are not always what we need most of the time.


Time is money; while you enjoy your time, don`t waste it !

Before taking on this saying "time is money", you should ensure you are not becoming a slave to money at the expense of your health and necessary relaxation and rest.  At least, make best of your allocated time for productivity - work and freelance time.  Try to form the habit of working for yourself, at least four hours per week.  It could be for your hobbies that could be turn to money or nurturing lucrative ideas or projects for future launch. 


Common, it does not hurt to use free legitimate coupons and offers to save money.

Use free and legitimate coupons and offers to save money, when buying essential things.  There should not be ego in using free saving for what you need, not what you want.  Good coupons and offers are for dads too. 

All 7 questions completed!

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Good Financial Practice for Dads

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