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Good Mobile App Categories For Every Busy Dads


Working and busy dads are always busy and/ preoccupied with a lot of important stuffs. However, they cannot help to be left out in the current internet and mobile technology age. As a busy dad,  while you may not have time to get your mobile gadgets engrossed with many overwhelming apps, the following mobile app ideas are recommended . A good one in each of the five categories is enough !


Money saving mobile apps

Many busy and working dads lose money to unmanaged spending habit unknowingly, even when spending on essential stuffs. Money saving apps such as expenses tracker, or family or household spending management apps can save dads and their families money monthly and yearly. This mobile app type can help to ensure you are not spending beyond your revenues.  Get jusy one with not no or too many ads clustered over it.


Time management mobile apps.

The apps like to-do list and reminders can really help dads manage their times properly, organize their busy schedules reducing stress, prioritize the too many essential items, and serve as automatic reminder to escape from procrastination claws and get things done.


Health-related mobile apps

The simple health-related apps such as inexpensive good weight tracking app, body mass index (BMI) app, heart and/ pulse rate apps can really help dads to keep track of their health from simple perspective. They can be used as supplemental mobile tool for personal health support excluding clinical and diagnostic purposes. Please, note that these health-related apps cannot replace your normal health screening and general health handling with your health practitioners. 


Inspirational and motivational mobile apps

Everyone including dads need positive energy every day. There are some good apps that are focused on generating inspirational and motivational quotes. They can lift spirit up, when the days seem not friendly or they can be optimism-driver to take on new days. Start with Bible verses mobile apps that can auto-generate inspirational Bible verses daily. 


Relaxation mobile apps

Common dads, you need some reasonable mobile apps that can relax minds and lessen stress. Examples are brain teaser apps such as sudoku, cross words or simply regular sport game apps such as soccer, basketball, golf, football etc.

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Good Mobile App Categories For Every Busy Dads

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