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Inflation Dares Dads’ And Moms’ Pockets: Few Best Ways Of Surviving It


While current U.S. Inflation is largely driven by poor economy recovery, current economy policies seem not working. Hence, the reality of importance of improved national economy is now obvious to many hardworking dads and moms. As inflation continues to affect national economy adversely, it extends into family's economy. In other words, national economy has influencing impacts on family economy! Things are getting expensive, even the prices of basic things such as grocery, foods, gas, etc. increase. Everyone feels it. Dads and moms, even the loyal tax-paying ones, feel it; so are their financial pockets. While the current inflation still lasts and tackling it relies on government's realistic economic policies and solutions, below are few ways to survive it from individual dad's angle:


Keep your job! Don't lose your job!

While some people may not really want to work, unemployment during Inflation is not desirable. How long can you survive on unemployment checks as things are getting expensive nowadays? If you must change your job, secure a better one first before you resign from current one.


Stop going for more debts

 Stop getting unnecessary loans. Loan companies seek more debtors and they will, of course, get more debtors. As interest rate hikes up, getting more debts in inflation is a serious bad financial lifestyle. Focus on managing and paying off the current loans, instead of accumulating more ! 


Cut spending reasonably

Do not buy what you want; buy what you need! Instead, explore investing more in reliable investments than you are adding more liabilities. For example, If you have a good car, there is no need getting a new replacement one now. If you have a good house with mortgage debt, this is not the time to get a new more expensive one. Spend with common sense!


If you must invest, do not invest unreasonably!

Investing when things are expensive and when your expenses are doubled or even tripled due to general cost increase requires reasonable and common-sense investing style. While your daily expenses and family expenses compete fiercely with your investing capital, do not invest unreasonably. Assesses any of your investment of interest wisely and do not use money you cannot afford to lose during Inflation. Invest safely!


Stay healthy and stop or avoid unhealthy lifestyle !

Stay healthy! Getting sick is undesirable at any time, getting sick when things are expensive is not desirable at all. Get all your free and safe vaccines! Eat healthy foods!  Eating unhealthy foods could even more expensive than going for healthy ones. Cook healthy foods at home often can save money. Be active and exercise normally ! Also, stop unhealthy lifestyles such as heavy drinking and smoking. 


Ditch expensive popular brands for less expensive non-popular brand of equal or better quality !

Ditch expensive popular brands, if you can and if it is possible!  Explore non-popular brands that are less expensive and of similar quality to popular brands in both edible and non-edible product categories. 


Vote wisely in the next and future elections !

In reality mode, while all socio-economic issues should be considered during national and local elections, economy of a country should be a major consideration for every voters! Somehow, reality always catches up with the voters, if candidates with poor economic policies are voted in. Strong national economy enhances food security, standard of living, national security, and family prosperity. When economy is hit badly, even other socio-economic issues would be of less concern to general populace, especially hardworking individuals, irrespective of political party's affiliation! Everyone's focus would be on the reality of the state of things, which they must endure, until they have opportunity again to change things positively through their next votes ! In the next and future U.S. elections, forget political parties' disparity and vote for the candidates that have proven strategies and plans for improving American economy! Remember, the state of national economy transfers down to family economy! Family economy cannot escape the "hand knocks" of poor national economy. Forget emotions during any major elections and vote for the reasons for national economy and financial prosperity of your nation and family !

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Inflation Dares Dads' And Moms' Pockets: Few Best Ways Of Surviving It

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