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Why Should Kids Under 10 Years Old Have His/Her Mobile Phone?


To be on safer from negative impact of phones on children's physical interaction and real life, giving phones to minor kids under 10 years may not be attractive to many parents and guardians. However, for benefit of phones such as tracking the kids, when they are outside, kids between 6 years above may have their parents' blessing of having their own phones. Both opposing and supporting reasons should be balance, depending on the situation, parents' responsible characters, and parents' judgement. What do you think? Answer these three questions.

Phones for Under 10 is ?

1. Distraction for kids' learning
2. Good only, if it is for tracking their movement outside and no internet on the phone.
3. Good, but I must be able lock some phone features such as apps and internet
4. No, I am afraid of health issue from phone battery.

All 1 questions completed!

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Why Should Kids Under 10 Years Old Have His/Her Mobile Phone?

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